Professional dj services for over 30 years

Night Clubs and Private Events from Weddings to School Dance & more.

Born Trinidad raised in the GTA Ontario

Home Town Barrie Resides in Brampton

Profession Robotic Programmer CEO and President Uplink Robotic Tech Inc.

Hobbies : Dj Service and Tennis player Instructor (Brampton)

Favorite music types: Classic House , Classic Oldschool RnB, Reggae, Dance, Hiphop, Soca. Plus deep house

Gear: DDJSX2 , CDJ 900 x2 , Tech 1200's x 2 (black), Yorkville Sound and EV PA Sytems. Intelligent lighting, Fog and Low lying Fog Machines.

Words to listen Just Flow and enjoy the moment of music to keep you alive and free.